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Designer doors are the new trend in modern design in the New York Area. They add an exclusive feel to any setting, whether residential or commercial. DAYORIS specializes in modern and contemporary designs in the New York area. Our talented team of designers is available to assist in your remodeling, renovation or refacing ventures for any project – home, corporate office, condominium, hotel or other commercial entities.

Our creations are custom to fit your needs. The materials we use are high-grade Italian wood, matte or glossy veneers, and our finishes are guaranteed to attract attention at every angle. We utilize our patented Laminating Solution to achieve dramatic results.

You can find a wide selection of interior doors in our inventory: barn doors in glass or wood, sliding doors, swing doors, invisible doors, modern bi-fold doors, Italian pocket doors and more. We also specialize in refacing fire-rated doors and elevators to give you a clean, cohesive entry. We also offer custom finishes that further complement your door design such as stainless steel strips or etched glass designs.

The DAYORIS name has been synonymous with creativity and quality for over a decade. We are the leaders in modern door design and take our position seriously. We continue to shape history by providing sleek, captivating contemporary designs which are showcased by interior designers, contractors and architects in their concepts.

Our inventory also includes modern designer hardware to compliment every aspect of your project. We carry state-of-the-art Italian designs that offer optimum performance.

Don’t continue to wonder what we can do for you … we’re only a phone call or e-mail away!

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