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DAYORIS is a leader in modern and contemporary design, with our work being seen all over the world. DAYORIS is a leader in modern and contemporary design, with our work being seen all over the world.  An innovative manufacturer of custom modern interior doors, we utilize our Laminating Solution™ to bring you edgy, creative designs that include elevator cladding and hotel refacing. Our stylish designs are synonymous with elegance and class, the epitome of New York City.  

We employ the use of the finest European materials – Italian laminates in textured woods, high-gloss and matte finishes in a huge selection of colors. Coupled with our designer hardware selections, your residential or commercial space will never look better!

We take pride in our work, which can be seen all over New York City and the surrounding areas. Our Italian doors in New York are spectacular, giving you a timeless, upscale look. You can find our modern doors in Manhattan in some of the classiest penthouses. Your guests and patrons will be in awe and impressed with our custom doors in New York.

Every fashion statement needs a complete outfit. Consider your décor and your doors an integral part of that outfit. Our designer doors in NY and contemporary doors in NJ make grand fashion statements that visually appeal to the eye and instantaneously upgrade any décor.

Our concepts are unique and include barn doors, designer sliders, signature pocket doors, bi-fold and bypass doors, invisible doors and amazing flush doors. We customize and enhance your residence, apartment, office setting or theater, giving you a complete, finished look.

Entryways never looked more elegant with our elevator cladding program. From the elevator to the interior doors, you can have it all! Our system provides customers with design options to raise the bar in contempoary interior design.

Image is everything in fashion, and a DAYORIS door is the top of the fashion line in the interior door andEuropean door hardware market. Clean, sleek lines, Italian craftsmanship and the DAYORIS name speak volumes as to how you view your surroundings.

DAYORIS creates aesthetic visions of exquisite beauty. Contact our design specialists today to see how we can assist in transforming your spaces. The sky is the limit with a DAYORIS design ... all we need is you!

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